Customer journey mapping tools for building and maintaining better digital customer experiences 

Ovum Market Radar: Customer Journey Mapping & Analytics 

After testing all the latest customer journey mapping tools, Ovum provides insights into the quickly changing world of customer journey software and how it can transform your business. The report offers a definition of customer journey mapping and customer journey analytics and explores the differences between the two, then provides an overview of the market. In that, it zeros in on Relay Network, showcasing our capabilities and explaining how they fit into the landscape of journey mapping software. 

Key takeaways for understanding customer journeys:

  • Customers today want hyper-personalized, easy experiences at every interaction in the customer lifecycle. 

  • Customer journey mapping (CJM) and customer journey analytics (CJA) refer to practices and technologies intended to put customers on the best paths of use for a business's resources, and to track that usage to ensure that outcomes are reached.

  • New customer experience mapping tools can digitize journeys and increase engagement in customers' individual moments of need. 

"Complexity and stress can lead to customer attrition, but a positive experience at a difficult time can cement relationships for years.

This is Relay's chief strength." 

Marshall Lager, Senior Analyst Customer Engagement at Ovum

Who can benefit from customer journey mapping tools?

  • Business leaders looking to simplify and automate customer journey mapping techniques, especially in the fields of healthcare, banking, utilities and insurance where interactions are known to be complex or confusing
  • Marketers who need to get the right information to customers at the right time and walk them through tricky touchpoints on the customer journey map that require education 
  • IT and digital leaders looking to evaluate customer journey mapping tool providers and learn about common terminology and advanced capabilities in the market today

Why add Relay Network to your customer journey mapping toolkit?

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